Transdisciplinary Implementation Science Alliance (TISA)

The University of Kentucky's Alliance Initiative capitalizes on collaboration and the transdisciplinary strategy built from the best practices and metrics across the nation in developing programmatic research. It is designed to provide seed funding and support for multidisciplinary teams of scientists, from colleges and centers across the University’s campus, to find answers to the health challenges that disproportionately affect Kentuckians. The Transdisciplinary Implementation Science Alliance (TISA) is led by Dr. Jing Li (Lead Chair), Dr. Jerod Stapleton, Dr. Gretchen Wells.

TISA includes two key components—a proposed study targeting Cardio-Oncology practice research which aims for subsequent extramural funding (R01 or equivalent) submission, and establishment of a transdisciplinary implementation team at UK that will increase resources to build an Implementation Science (IS) network, mentor junior faculty, and pursue federal grant funding. The TISA team innovatively integrates two research priority areas (RPAs) as defined in the University Vice President for Research (VPR’s) strategic initiative: cardiovascular sciences and oncology sciences. Cardiovascular toxicities from chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted or hormonal treatments interfere with optimal cancer management, decrease quality of life, and affect overall survival.

TISA leverages two of UK’s strongest resources—Markey Cancer Center and Gill Heart and Vascular Center, by proposing a much needed, innovative platform that integrates research and fosters multidisciplinary collaboration to tackle gaps in our knowledge and ultimately improve both cancer- and cardiovascular-related health outcomes in this growing population. TISA co-chairs have had meetings with the RPA leadership and obtained their letters of support. Among currently identified junior faculty, there are several in either the Markey Center or Cardiology who will receive mentoring in conducting IS research and plan to pursue National Cancer Institute and National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute IS Funding Opportunity Announcements. All TISA educational sessions and collaborative events will be coordinated with Cancer and Cardiovascular RPAs. Click here to find out more about this Alliance Research Initiative.