UK HIV Fellowship Program

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Program Description: A 12-month, two-position, non-accredited fellowship to provide a unique training enrichment opportunity in HIV. This encompasses HIV-related conditions and risk factors in key populations.

Training to include: HIV, viral hepatitides, addiction medicine, infections related to injection drug use, sexually transmitted infections, hospice and palliative care, primary care for HIV, PEP/PrEP, mental health, rural experience, public health/harm reduction, homeless/marginally housed and LBGT-Q training.

Candidates: Physicians that have successfully completed internal medicine or family practice residencies, certified or certification-eligible physician assistants, and licensed or license-eligible nurse practitioners.

Program Start:  July 1

Program Length: 1 year 

Application Deadline: January 4th, 2022

Program Director: 
James Aaron Grubbs, MD


Program Coordinator: Kennedi Hall, MPH


To Apply:

Please email Kennedi Hall at the following:

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