Program Data

As scientifically minded people, you are probably looking for data, right? These results indicate that resident education and support are strong in our program.

2016 - 2017 ACGME Resident Survey Results
 Our ProgramNational Average
Faculty and Staff Interested in Resident Education96%85%
Satisfied with feedback after assignments73%72%
Appropiate balance for education81%80%
Satisfied to deal with problems and concerns87%81%
Resident can raise concerns without fear87%82%


But what about after residency? Our graduates choose many different career paths. 

 Primary CareHospitalistSubspecialty
Class of 20173813
Class of 20165910
Class of 20155413
Class of 20144412
Class of 2013479


And for those interested in subspecialties, we have a high match rate.  

 2013 Apply2013 Match2014 Apply2014 Match2015 Apply2015 Match2016 Apply2016 Match
Hematology / Oncology22331122
Infectious Disease      11
Nephrology 11122
Hosp & Palliative1111
Pulm & Crit Care222221