Primary Care

UK HealthCare has several options for establishing a primary care physician throughout Lexington, as well as offering Primary Care in Georgetown, Hazard and Hindman

Family & Community Medicine: Offers continuing and comprehensive health care and preventive services for the entire family. These include the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses and injuries for adults and children, routine gynecology services, maternity care, well-child care, immunizations, preventive check-ups, certain minor surgeries, mental health services, and primary care hospital services. Care is provided in consultation with subspecialists when needed.

Primary Care in Eastern Kentucky: Family & Community Medicine providers are available to see patients in Hazard at North Fork Valley Regional Medical Center and in Hindman at June Buchanan. For the convenience of our patients, an onsite pharmacy and lab are available at both locations. Dental services are also available.

General Internal Medicine: The Internal Medicine Group provides diagnosis, treatment and management of patients from adolescence through adult age, including geriatrics. The clinic specializes in primary care, wellness and prevention, and care of patients with chronic medical conditions.

Med-Peds Clinic: The doctors at our med-peds clinic have unique training, enabling them to care for a person throughout their entire life. They are board-certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics specializing in both routine and complicated health problems in patients of all ages.

Primary Care Pediatrics: Our pediatricians and everyone who works on the pediatric team are experts in the special needs of children. From primary care needs to specialty care, we work with families to keep kids healthy and happy.

Center for the Advancement of Women’s Health: Created specifically for women, the center offers high-quality comprehensive medical service for women. The center is focused on educating patients and the community overall about women's health through educational and community outreach programs. One of the primary goals of the center is for all Kentucky women to fill out the Kentucky Women's Health Research Registry survey and consider volunteering for medical studies that will help us advance medical knowledge about women's health.

Team Blue Primary Care Clinic: The Team Blue Primary Care Clinic is a primary care option exclusively for members of the UK health plans.