Division of Infectious Diseases

Welcome to the College of Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases. We are a group of physicians dedicated to the practice, teaching, and research of diseases caused by organisms. Our clinic utilizes a variety of different resources to provide patients with multidisciplinary care on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. Division faculty provide a variety of different services to all of UK's health care facilities in addition to the infectious disease clinics.

Alice Thornton, MD
Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases
Medical Director, Bluegrass Care Clinic
Project Director, KYAETC

In response to Kentucky's recent identification of patients with COVID-19, the division has developed several protocols and algorithms to assist our team and others respond to the situation.  

These protocols have been adapted from the UK HealthCare official guidance to respond to the specific needs of the infectious disease department. For official UK HealthCare COVID-19 guidance, please visit the COVID-19 Information for Providers and Staff website.    

3/12/2020 UKID COVID-19 Team BCC Testing Criteria

3/13/2020 UKID COVID-19 Team BCC Sample Collection

3/16/2020 UKID COVID-19 Team BCC Ambulatory Alternate Care Delivery Options Workflow

3/17/2020 UKID COVID-19 Team BCC Nursing Triage Protocol

3/19/2020 UKID COVID-19 Team Inpatient Algorithm

3/20/2020 UKID COVID-19 Team BCC Outpatient Assessment Algorithm

3/21/2020 UKID COVID-19 Team Laboratory Testing Guidelines

3/21/2020 UKID COVID-19 Team Supervisor Guidance

3/23/2020 KHFS COVID-19 Elective Procedure Directive

3/26/2020 Fact Sheet for those being tested for COVID-19

5/16/2020 UKHC Pharmacotherapy Guideline for Adults with COVID-19

UKHC COVID-19 Inpatient Recommendations for PPE

CDC 10 Things to Manage Yourself at Home

COVID-19 Cold and Flu Symptoms Flier

COVID-19 PUI Reporting Instructions and Form

DLS Virology lab

Click here to visit the Infectious Diseases Society of America COVID-19 Resource Center for more information.