How To Apply

Things to know when applying to the Primary Care Track:

  • 6 positions matched annually (3 yr. program)
  • All applicants must apply through the NRMP/ERAS website
  • Choose the Primary Care Track (either alone or with the Categorical Track)
  • When submitting your rank order list, you will need to rank the Primary Care Track as a separate entry from the Categorical Track
  • You will have a single interview that satisfies both the Primary Care Track and the Categorical Track


Unique features of the Primary Care Track:


Our Primary Care Track offers training experiences uniquely designed to prepare residents to practice General Internal Medicine.


  • Excellent preparation for practicing General Internal Medicine in a managed care environment in both urban and small community settings.
  • Community based rotations prepare residents for expanding opportunities as internists in private practice and rural communities.
  • Over 50% of total training time during 2nd and 3rd years is in an ambulatory setting
  • Month long ambulatory rotations.
  • Residents are assigned to two continuity clinic attendings for all three years.