Faculty & Staff


Position Phone
Taha Ahmed, MD Assistant Professor
Ihab Almagdub Direct Care Committee Chair, Assistant Professor
Vijay Aluru, MBBS Assistant Professor
Bara Naji Hamdi Alzghoul, MD Assistant Professor
Samiullah Arshad, MD Assistant Professor
Paula D. Bailey, MD, MHA Associate Division Chief Faculty Affaires, Associate Professor, Medical Director of The Office of Patient Experience
Celia E Castellanos Unit Medical Director Good Samaritan 7th Floor, Assistant Professor
Romil Chadha, MD, MPH, SFHM, FACP Division Chief, Medical Director of Physician Information Technology Services, Associate Professor
Jagriti Chadha, MD Associate Professor, Hospital Medicine Director of Physician Development & Internal Medicine Advanced Development Director
Michael C Cherry Assistant Professor
Rani Chikkanna, MBBS Assistant Professor
Katherine R Crabtree, MD Assistant Professor
Dawson Frank Dean, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Kristy Deep, MD, MA, FACP Internal Medicine Residency Program Director, Education Chair, Associate Professor
Maria I Del Castillo De Calvo, MD Assistant Professor
Tanvi S Desai, MD Assistant Professor
Fnu Fawad Assistant Professor. 8593232631
Vinnette T Forde, M.D. Assistant Professor
William L Fuller, M.D. Assistant Professor, Associate Director for Adult Cystic Fibrosis & Unit Medical Director for Chandler 7E & 2TU
Padmaja Gaddam, MD Unit Medical Director Good Samaritan 5th Floor, Assistant Professor
Sarah Abdulsalam Y Ghaith, MD Assistant Professor
Adam Gray, M.D. Associate Professor, Internal Medicine Clerkship Director
Muhammad H Gul, MBBS Assistant Professor
Alan Hall, MD Associate Professor, Assistant Dean Competency Assessment
C. Randy Jones, MD Associate Division Chief Chandler Medical Center, Director of the Hospitalist APP Program, Associate Professor, Senior Inpatient Medical Director
Elijah V Kakani, M.D., MPH Assistant Professor
Kishore Karri, MD Assistant Professor
Hirotaka Kato, MD Assistant Professor
Clifford Alan Kaye, M.D. Medical Director of Utilization Review, Utilization Management & Clinical Documentation Integrity, Associate Professor
Faris A Khasawneh, M.D. I/R/F - Nephrology, PGY - 4, Hospital Medicine Assistant Professor
Mahmoud Khreis, MBBS Assistant Professor
Fatima Z Kidwai, MD Assistant Professor
Adam Kolnik, MD Assistant Professor
Praneeth Kudaravalli, MD Assistant Professor
Hanesh Kumar, M.D. Assistant Professor
Stephanie Leung, M.D. Assistant Professor, Heme-Malignancy Director
Kanjit Leungsuwan, MD Assistant Professor
Anthony Lile Jr., MD Assistant Professor
Hannah Joy Mastbergen, M.D. Unit Medical Director Observation Unit, Assistant Professor, Hospital Medicine Director of Admissions & Short Stay
Rick R. McClure, MD Acting Chair and Professor at the UK Gill Heart Institute 859-323-5479
Hamza A.H. Mlatoum, M.D. Assistant Professor
Sarah C Murray Assistant Professor
Lakshmi R Naidu, MD Assistant Professor
Hammad Qureshi, MD Assistant Professor
John Ragsdale, MD, MS Assistant Dean for Clinical Education, Associate Professor
Anna Rogozinska, MD Assistant Professor
John B Romond, MD Assistant Professor, Unit Medical Director Chandler 9th Floor, Assistant Professor
Zackary V. Roy, MD Associate Division Chief Good Samaritan Hospital, Medical Director of Inpatient Services, UK Good Samaritan Hospital, Senior Inpatient Medical Director , Associate Professor
Ivan E Saraiva, M.D. Unit Medical Director Good Samaritan 4th Floor, Assistant Professor
Charles Sargent, MD Medical Director of Inpatient Services Chandler Medical, Enterprise Medical Direct of Capacity Command and UKMDs, Associate Professor, Senior Inpatient Medical Director
Anne Sayers, MD, FHM Associate Professor
Syed S Shah, M.D. Assistant Professor
Amandeep Singh, MD Assistant Professor
Tushi Singh, MD Assistant Professor
Anna Maria South Assistant Professor
Srividya Sriramula temporary Faculty
Joseph Sweigart, MD, FHM, FACP Internal Medicine Residency Associate Program Director, Associate Professor
Preetham Talari, MD Unit Medical Director Chandler 5th & 6th Floor, Associate Safety Officer UK Healthcare, Associate Professor, Hospital Medicine Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Medical Director of Telemetry
Nishant Tripathi, MD Assistant Professor
James A. Troy, MD Assistant Professor, Unit Medical Director for Chandler, 10th floor
Sarah E Vick, M.D. Assistant Professor
Mahender Vyasabattu, MD Assistant Professor
Daniel Timothy Weaver, M.D. Assistant Professor , Consult & Co-Management Director
Richard K Wheeling, DO Assistant Professor
Mark Williams, MD Professor of Medicine, Director of Center for Health Services Research, Chief Quality & Transformation Officer
William L Wilson Assistant Professor
Pradeep Yarra, M.D., MPH Assistant Professor


Position Phone
Kimberly N Ammerman Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC
Mara D Babb Administrative Services Assistant/UKHC
Cathryn Marie Benson Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC
Christeen Ivy Broaddus Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC
Christopher T Callihan Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC
Jessica W Comstock Adv Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC
Courtney Craycraft Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC
Elda Dede Division Administrator/UKHC
Candace N Ferguson Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC
Anne Hickman, APRN Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC, Advanced Practice Provider Supervisor
Jasmine Howard, APRN Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC, Advanced Practice Provider Supervisor
Amanda C Meyer Advanced Practice Provider II/Nights/UKHC
Lindsay Gail Penn Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC
Alison Power, PA-C Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC
Eleanor Roth, PA-C Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC
Geri Lynn Sipe Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC
Man-Ying Catherine Wong Advanced Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC