Current Resident Profiles

Get to know some of our residents and learn what they love about being a part of the University of Kentucky Internal Medicine family!

Madison Tackett in front of UK Wildcat statue.Madison Tackett 

From: Pikeville, Ky.

Future Plans: I plan on practicing either hospital medicine or infectious disease! My dream job would be to become program director of a community based internal medicine program somewhere in Appalachia!

Favorite Residency Memory: My favorite memory so far was having so much fun working nights (and ordering way too much takeout) on Chandler wards with Tori and Christina!

Why UK?: I chose UK because it felt like home to me! The reason I became a doctor in the first place was to give back to the place I care about the most — eastern Kentucky. Though Lexington isn’t necessarily nestled in Appalachia, UK is such an important medical hub for the region. I truly feel like I am making a difference for rural people while also learning in a rich academic setting.

Daniel Rospert with dog.Daniel Rospert 

From: Akron, Ohio

Future Plans: I plan to pursue nephrology fellowhip and a career in administration or industry. 

Favorite Residency Memory: Cross-cover week over Christmas with Zach Neace and Nick Alcorn - we played a lot of Xbox, took care of some pretty sick people, and had a gift exchange.

Why UK?: I picked UK because I knew I'd be able to have close relationships with other residents and faculty members and the chance to work with a sick and underserved patient population!

Brant Cornelius in his white coat.Brant Cornelius 

From: Beattyville, Ky.

Hobbies: Hiking in the Red River Gorge, playing golf and disc golf, any board or card game, collecting bourbon, going to all the different breweries in Lexington, serving at my local church, and mowing the grass (yes, I said it).

Favorite Residency Memory: We had a tough week on Chandler Wards and our wonderful attending ended up buying us tacos and pizza three times throughout that week! Tacos always make everything better.

Why UK?: I know that every program claims this, but UK Med-Peds is a family, and it's a big one. From all the residents and faculty, plus all the former UK Med-Peds graduates on staff here at UK, you will find a Med-Peds friend wherever you go. Our program director, associate program director, and our program coordinator have done and will do anything for you to help make your goals and dreams possible. They are intentional and treat you like you're the only resident in the program. And of course, having grown up and lived in Kentucky my whole life, I'm a big UK fan, so GO CATS!

Mark Rudy and friend.Mark Rudy 

From: Born in Indianapolis but grew up in Lexington, Ky.

Favorite Part of Lexington: Veterans Park

Favorite Restaurant in Lexington: Asian Wind

Future Plans: Nephrology/Hospitalist

Hobbies: Running

Fun Facts About Yourself: I floss everyday, and I watched the entire extended editions of "Lord of the Rings" in one sitting (11.5 hours).

Favorite Rotation: ICU during intern year because Paul Adams pranked Megan Wolak with the ol' ultrasound gel on the telephone bit.

Why UK?: Safe town, interesting patients, fun people to work with!

Jeremy Swiney on a hike.Jeremy Swiney

From: Salyersville, Ky. (Eastern Kentucky, for those unfamiliar with the state. I self-identify as a "hillbilly")

Favorite Part of Lexington: The people. This is a college town and the shared love of UK sports really gives the city a strong sense of community. We also have a significant per capita concentration of breweries and West Sixth has the best IPA currently made. Some folks claim that no one actually enjoys IPAs.....they are terribly mistaken.

Favorite Residency Memory: My fondest residency memories were during medicine night shifts when we either had a difficult patient presentation or an acute issue to address. Bouncing ideas off other residents in the workroom and learning together strengthened my clinical knowledge and formed bonds that will remain even after residency is over.

Why UK?: The training here is excellent and will prepare you to practice in any environment, our hospital system really does cater to any professional needs or goals. Lexington is also a great sized city to establish roots.