Clinician Educator Track

Clinician-Educator Track

This track is designed for the resident who wants medical education to be a major focus of their career. Specifically, the goal of the track is to equip residents with the tools necessary for clinician-educator roles. Residents will learn a variety of skills, including how to plan teaching sessions, how to manage the learning climate, how to set expectations and give feedback, and how to assess progress. Track residents work at their own pace one-on-one with experienced clinician-educator mentors to complete four projects:

1. Plan and facilitate a large group teaching session
2. Plan and facilitate a small group teaching session
3. Teach in a clinical setting
4. Design a curriculum intervention

They also assemble a teaching portfolio. Upon completion of the track, they receive a Certificate in Medical Education. Enrollment in the track is by application and can begin after July of the 2nd year.

For any questions about this track you can reach the track director at