Infection Prevention & Control

The Division of Infectious Diseases directs the Infection Control and Prevention (IPAC) department at UK Hospital and the Lexington VA Medical Center to deal with healthcare-associated infections which patients, visitors and staff contract while in the hospital setting. The IPAC team consists of 4 physicians, 4 nurses and 1 data analysis assistant.

Each team member contributes to the surveillance of multidrug resistant organisms (such as MRSA or VRE) and device associated infections, as well as the implementation of interventional and preventional strategies to contain and help prevent reoccurance and/or dissemination. The team reports to both local and state health agencies who monitor device associated infections and the possibility of outbreaks that are or could become a threat to public health.

Medical Director for UK HealthCare - Derek Forster, MD
Director for UK HealthCare - Kim Blanton, MSN, MHA, RN, NE-BC
Medical Director for UK Children's Hospital - Sean McTigue, MD
Good Samaritan Hospital - John Meeks, MD