Chief Residents

Welcome to the University of Kentucky Med-Peds Residency Program! 

We wish we could meet you in person, but we are still excited to introduce you to our program! Our group of residents are passionate, hardworking patient advocates at work and find great joy in perfecting our “well-roundedness” when we aren’t in scrubs. Our Med-Peds residents are chicken farmers, home cooks, comic book experts, dog moms, past olive farmers, book clubbers, tequila enthusiasts, beer brewers, proud moms and proud dads. We love work but more importantly we love life too!

This doesn’t end with residency here, as you’ll find life-loving Med-Peds trained hospitalists, primary care physicians, cardiologists, intensivists, endocrinologists, infectious disease specialists and administrators throughout our hospital system. It is no secret that our combined residency is exhausting, but having such a wonderful community of supportive residents and faculty mentors make this part of our life just as lovable as the others.

Here at UK, we are lucky enough to live in a beautiful state, learn at a hospital where our patients need us, and get to spend four years of our lives working alongside wonderful people. It also helps that our physician leaders, Dr. Stewart and Dr. Trent, are fierce advocates for our residency program and allow us every opportunity to become the physicians we were meant to be.

We are excited that you are interested in learning more about us and look forward to meeting you soon.  

Ann and Luke

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