Our Staff

"HIV disease treatment is complex, like spokes of a wheel. Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, prevention counselors, and financial counselors each play an essential role in supporting the patient. With one spoke missing, a wheel does not function properly. So it is in patient care; all of these professionals are needed for care to be successful. We are committed to ensuring our patients get the comprehensive services they need to lead productive lives." - Alice C. Thornton, MD Project Director


Position Phone
Hanine E El Haddad, MD Assistant Professor, Medical Director, Clinical Faculty
Laura C. Fanucchi MD, MPH Assistant Professor
Mitu Karki Maskey, MD Clinical Faculty
Nicole Elizabeth Leedy, MD Clinical Faculty, Assistant Infectious Diseases Fellowship Director, Director, Infectious Diseases Resident Consultation Curriculum
Thein Myint, MBBS, FACP Clinical Faculty, Associate director of Antibiotic Stewardship Program , Associate Fellowship Program Director
Frank Romanelli, PharmD, MPH, FAPhA, BCPS Pharmacy Practice and Science
Takako Schaninger, MD Clinical Faculty, Hospital Epidemiologist
Tiffany Anne Stivers Research Protocol Manager/Clinical/UKHC
Alice C Thornton, MD Special Faculty, Division Chief, Project Director, Kentucky AIDS Education and Training Center
Michael H. Young, MD Clinical Faculty


Position Phone
Karen Ball, CSW Care Coordinator 859-323-1780
Angela Bowen Clinic Manager
Forrest Burton, CSW Care Coordinator 859-218-1660
Alisha M Clemons, APRN Advanced Practice Provider/ID/UKHC
Julia Coleman Medical Records Clerk/UKHC
Summer D Davies, CSW Social Worker Senior/UKHC, Care Coordinator 859-323-2349
Kellee D Ellis, CMA Clinical Services Technician I/UKHC, Adherence Coordinator 859-323-7926
Monica Webb, CSW Care Coordinator 859-218-1530
Jessica Greene, CSW Care Coordinator 859-323-4030
LaToya Jackson, BSN, RN Patient Service Coordinator 859-323-1688
Grant Lawson Laugherty Social Worker Senior/UKHC, Care Coordinator 859-323-2068
Erica Miller, CSW Care Coordinator 859-218-6224
Lori O'Connor, CSW Care Coordinator 859-323-1738
Robert Parrish, CSW Social Work Supervisor, Part B Program Coordinator 859-323-6303
Tara Starwalt, CSW Care Coordinator 859-218-1288
Andrea Valdez Patient Services Coordinator/UKHC, Bilingual Benefits Manager (859) 323-5544
Anna Vaughan Social Worker Senior/UKHC, Care Coordinator
Andrew Wheeler Dietitian Registered Senior/UKHC
Riki M Whitlock Program Coordinator I/UKHC, EFA Case Manager 859-323-2275