Women's Health Track


Aletia Farmer, MD and Jacqueline Fister, MD

Goals of the Program

  • Enrich resident training in by offering gender specific clinical experiences throughout a women’s lifespan within the ambulatory block.
  • Promote Women’s Health Research opportunities.
  • Provide mentorship and scholarly activities for residents
  • Produce graduates who are proficient in women’s health practices and encourage pursuing careers in internal medicine subspecialties, academic medicine or primary care.

Program Highlights

  • 3 year Multi-disciplinary ambulatory rotation focused on the uniqueness and wide range of medical issues of women.
  • 3 year ambulatory care rotations can be individualized to the resident’s future career path especially those who want to go into fellowships.
  • Integration of IM inpatient rotations and WH ambulatory block
  • Develop didactics that highlight women’s health issues with awareness on how gender plays a role in the diagnosis and treatment plan.


All 3 years

  • 4 ½ days in Continuity Clinic with Women’s Health attending (Drs. Beshear, Farmer, Fister, and Twist) every year
  • 2 ½ days of problems based Gynecology
  • IM specialties rotations based on residents interested and future career path - Cardiology, Pulmonary, Rheumatology, GI, ID, Bone Metabolism, Endocrine

1st and 3rd year

  • 1-2 ½ days of urology in 2nd 6 months of the year


Contact Information

Jacqueline Fister, MD

Aletia Farmer, MD