HIV Interprofessional Education Program


The Interprofessional Education HIV Program is designed to provide learners with the opportunity to work collectively with students in other professional programs related to healthcare. This program focuses specifically on HIV and the populations it affects, and uses five core health professions to address topics and practices associated with HIV care. Students in the program will be involved with their peers in a setting that fosters interprofessional cooperation, explorative discussion, and builds a foundational understanding of healthcare professions that work collectively to provide patients with top quality care.

Incoming Participants

This program is structured for the grant specified disciplines of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Social Work, and Physician Assistant, but is open to any interested health professions college/program.

The application process is now closed and final decisions on who is to be invited to the cohort are being made by the IPE committee. Further details to come. Please contact Crystal Stover at the Grant Office with any questions.