Welcome from the Program Director

Kristy Deep, MD 

Three years. This is what is important.

Our job is you—to help you become the doctor you envision. Whether that is a highly-skilled procedural subspecialist, a physician practicing primary care in a rural area, or a hospitalist leading institutional quality improvement initiatives, our residency program provides a path to your dream job. And if you aren’t quite sure what that is yet, that’s fine too—we’ll help you figure it out.

Patient-centered care in a resident-centered culture. Healthcare is a relationship between those who provide care and those who need it. Our program seeks to foster those relationships—between you and your patients—but also among each other, and those other important people in your life. Our unique schedule provides just the right mix of rigorous clinical experience with time and space to find balance between work, learning, and life.

Ready for anything. We pride ourselves on providing a diverse training experience where you will graduate prepared for patient care in any environment. Our training sites include 3 hospitals and a multi-specialty ambulatory clinic all on one campus. This combination ensures a broad mix of patients and pathology—and our focus on resident autonomy means that you will leave confident that you can handle it.

Growing. We are in the midst of one of the largest periods of growth for any academic medical center. Our medical campus is undergoing a complete transformation—including the new 1.2 million square foot UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital. But growth isn’t just about buildings. It’s about people—and UK is investing heavily in our program faculty as well as clinical programs.

Camaraderie. It amazes me—the one enduring answer I hear when asking folks why they choose us for training is the residents. Our close-knit, family atmosphere is noticeable even when folks come for an interview. Our residents support one another and help make each other better. We welcome residents from all walks of life and celebrate the unique perspectives that a diverse group of residents bring to our program. 

It’s about fit. Come see for yourself if we are the right place for you.

 Kristy Deep, MD, MA, FACP
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine 
Internal Medicine Residency Program Director

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