Educational Curriculum

Patients are the best teachers. Our curriculum and rotation schedules are specifically designed to provide the patient care experiences that allow you to practice the craft of medicine. Here is the overview:

General Wards (Chandler, VA, Good Sam)333
Morehead Rotation1  
UK - MICU111
Ambulatory Elective444
Consult Elective23
Night Float1
Emergency Medicine 1 


Everyone learns differently—by doing, reading, watching, listening, writing, or problem-solving. The good news is that our Independent Learning Activities provide many options. Online modules, interactive cases, and exam-style question banks provide ways to learn medicine in the way that’s best for you. 

The Ambulatory Care Block:

We received designation as an Education Innovation Program (EIP) in 2012.  Our innovation focuses on a re-design of continuity clinic into a 1 month block, every 3rd month.  Every 3rd month you will spend the entire month in clinic--a mix of your continuity clinic and other medical specialties.  There is no clinic when on your inpatient rotations which removes potential conflict between busy inpatient rotations and continuity clinic.  Our residents LOVE this schedule change--it offers a guaranteed "break" every 3rd month with no nights or weekends, and allows them to focus their energies on each rotation.


Our weekly conference series provides “real world” application. 

     -Morning Report (daily): focuses on clinical reasoning and critical decision making

     -Noon Conference: (Tuesday-Thursday): core content conferences

     -Monday (Funday!): Designated for Journal Club, Quality and Safety Conference, and our monthly resident meetings where we get feedback on how our program is going, and how we can make it better


Interactive Workshops:

These conferences are dedicated to acquiring practical, hands-on skills necessary for patient care.  

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