Chief Residents

Welcome from the Chiefs

Welcome to the University of Kentucky Med-Peds Program!  We're pretty pumped that you are interested. You may have already suspected this, but it's an amazing program. Here's why we think so:

Our residency family is a constant source of encouragement.  We're always looking for a new way to spend time outside of the hospital and connect with the wider community. We've welcomed babies, run overnight relays together, and eaten enough birthday cupcakes to make Cookie Monster do a double-take.  You never know what to expect from a UK Med-Peds resident until you see them outside of the hospital: unicycle-riding? beverage manufacturing? multi-instrumentalism? racing bears by bicycle? All true. Everyone hits a low point or four during training, but our residents are creative and thoughtful people who give each other support in small ways that really add up.

We're also proud of the solid Med-Peds presence at UK.  Our clinics and hospitals are filled with Med-Peds trained faculty in both adult and pediatric subspecialties as well as primary care and hospitalist positions.  It's often a fun surprise: "Wait, you're Med-Peds, too?" (followed by the secret handshake.) This deep level of Med-Peds integration means that many of our teachers, mentors, and administrators understand the unique demands of Med-Peds training. They have all been readily available (often by a text or phone call) to help us navigate each transition.

Residency can be extremely challenging, but we have a true advocate in our program director, Dr. John Stewart. He is well-respected for his blend of clinical skill, teaching ability, and compassionate care for patients. Most importantly, we can count on him for anything, whether it be a personal or professional issue. He's got an OK sense of humor, too.

We have obviously enjoyed our time here and would choose UK again in a split second heart sound.  It has been an excellent place to grow and be challenged in a supportive, family-like community.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have about our awesome program, and we hope to see you soon!


David Flemig, MD and Joey Calder, MD